Barr. Paul Edeh : I have been in the business of supporting football for a very long time, I won’t indulge persons not comfortable with my giving ability



The president of Naija Ratel Football Club Markudi Barr Paul Edeh came out in strong terms to reiterate his resolve to continue to support football and other ventures as a philanthropist and activist.

“I will not be discouraged by the gullibility of anyone seeking attention” he made this comment while reacting to some persons that raised unsavoury observations about the welfare of his players and coaching crew.

“It is worthy of mention that the club is solely sponsored by my humble self and has no grant from any individual or government agency.”It is with all sense of responsibility to the players that the club secured an 18 seater bus to ease players movement, secured a comfortable camp for the players and makes sure that at every interval the food bank is well stocked.

Barrister Edeh also highlighted on the provision of medicals cover for the players which gave birth to a relationship with the Divine Love hospital.“Players are free to access free treatment bankrolled by the club and in addition the players are placed on monthly stipend not to mention full scholarship enjoyed by my captain Paulina Ali in the university and some few players.

The club president also made it clear that the club will clock a year in December 2020 and has subconsciously raised the bar for amateur clubs and can also challenge the premiership clubs on players welfare.

“I organized the first women’s preseason tournament in Northern Nigeria and also reached out to players that are not signed by my clubs in a bid to show kindness and give back to the people.

My donations to the NWFL and the aftermath reactions by a few persons has made me to be better prepared and equipped. I am here to stay” . He concluded.

Naija Ratel Football Club played in the nationwide league last season and failed to clinch promotion , the president also secured quality friendly matches with the women’s national team and in the Ratel preseason tournament.Barr. Paul Edeh is resolute in his attempt to achieve both the short and long term goals of the club. Naija Ratel is registered with the CAC and the Benue state Football Association.


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