Biffo Vows To Drag Tornadoes’ Boss to Court


By Akin Bolarinwa

Kwara United FC coach, Abdulahi Biffo has vowed he would take all necessary measures to recover monies owed him by Niger Tornadoes of Minna.

Biffo in an exclusive interview with Apexmedia revealed his main reason of going to a law court is to prove to Nigerians that the club is in the habit of owing players and officials.

“The club is still owing me for the whole of the period i served them. And I have decided to go to court to recover all that I’m owed.

Former Katsina United and Abia Warriors coach stressed that he has documents to validate his claims and that he is not bothered about the hatchet Job that the club is employing to rubbish his personality.

“A club that paid half salaries for a whole season and forced players and officials to sign a document admitting they were not being owed, I think such club can’t be taken serious”

According to coach Biffo, a letter was addressed to LMC in 2016 appealing to the league body to help recover his salaries from Niger Tornadoes and it was agreed that the money owed would be deducted from source and paid to him but however events impeded on such implementation.

“You suspended me on June and I resigned in August, it thus imperative you are owing me since February”.

“The way I was suspended is even another case if really want to fight them but I resigned honourably on August 14 to avoid any form of untoward situation with them”.

The argument is not about his suspension or resignation but let Niger Tornadoes come out with proof that they paid him from February till August 14 before he resigned.

” The club chairman can not discredit me, does he even know how we promoted the team to Premier League”.

“Does he know how I talk to the players to play without single kobo being paid to them and also for the clearing of their transfers for 2 years”.

Clearing the air on the issue of transfer of Gaita, Biffo was quick to state that the allegation against him was false and baseless, he declared in clear terms that he didn’t transfer any players while he was in charge at Niger Tornadoes.

The Uefa B licensed and Brazil trained coach said he is a professional football manager and not a football agent .

“Who signed Gata clearance and how do they get him? Is Niger tornadoes the owner of the said player?”.

“They have agreement with him to release him anytime he want to go because they claimed no money to secure his contract papers”.

True to his words, Coach Biffo sent all the necessary documents to Apexmedia buttress his arguments and also promise to meet the management of Niger Tornadoes in court.

He said he has already commissioned his lawyer to forward a letter of litigations to Niger Tornadoes management and he will take the matter to any limit just to get justice.

“Let them show the proof of money paid to me from February till June when I was suspended and in which they failed to call me to defend my self as it was clearly specified on the last paragraph of the suspension letter.

“I waited more than 2 months without being invited to defend my self and without being paid then I was left with no option than to resigned and seek redress”.

Speaking about what he did for the team to get elevated to the elite division, the soft spoken coach said he sold his personal properties to help the team gain promotion.

“Do they know how I sold my Crv car to help Tornardoes not to lose promotion after PDP lost power to APC in Niger state, they should go and ask how the team was promoted and the sacrifice I made after 5 years in lower league”

In his final statement, Biffo stated that he is not ready to let go his money.

“I will collect my money before I die and even if I die my Sprit will fight Niger Tornadoes management


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