I Still Remain Heartland General Manager, Says Ifeanyi Chukwudi


General Manager of Heartland football club of Owerri Ifeanyi Chukwudi, has responded to the suspension handed to him by the Imo State Government as he tagged it as “Illegal”

In a press release from the office of General Manager Heartland football club dated Friday 23rd April 2021, The football Administrator stated that the manner at which the suspension was announced was not appropriate as he has not been summoned by any pannel or committee which makes his suspension “Illegal”.

“Following the so called internal memo dated 23” April 2021 emanating from the supervising commissioner of youth and Sports Imo state claiming that I have been suspended.

In due response to that, ‘I am aware that the government has Administratively procedure which negates the manner in which the so called letter was issued, I therefore state that the said suspension is illegal and null and void and holds no water.

‘As the said letter does not meet any Administrative process and I know government does not operate in such manner
I have not been invited by any pannel or committee concerning whatever claim the said letter had protrayed as it concerns finance so I stand not to give in to such cheap blackmail, I still remain in my office as the General manager and Ceo of Heartland football club Owerri”, the press release reads.

It is left to be seen what happens after now, but one thing which is certain is that we are in for a tough battle of supremacy between the Imo state youth and sports development and the General Manager of Heartland football club.


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