Nigeria Shooting Sports: I Have Come To Support Nigeria’s Shooting Sports, Says Ahmed Hosny Hazem


President of African Shooting Sports Federation who also doubles as the President of the Egyptian Shooting Sport Federation General Ahmed Hosny Hazem as stated that his trip to Nigeria is to support the Nigeria shooting sports, OwoSports reports.

The Egyptian is the soul instructor for the African shooting sports federation (ASSF) judges course to be hosted in Nigeria between 22nd to 28th November 2020.

Speaking to Journalist on arrival at Sharaton Hotel Lagos where he is Lodge, “I have come here to support Nigeria shooting federation as one of my Family of shooting sports in Africa and to hold the post for shooting Sports”, says General Ahmed Hosny.

“This is my first time of coming to Nigeria to hold a course, i have come here to support Nigeria in the front of the minister and the president, honorable committee and to hold the course for the people.

“Because the people have no licence, has nothing awarded from the jury, we will hold this one to support Nigeria shooting federation.

“I was very happy because Nigeria shooting federation president is my friend, we spoke that we can find a step forward to shooting in Nigeria by this visit so we can hold a meeting with the people involved with sports in Nigeria and to hold the course for the people especially for the International Shooting Sports Federation (ISSF ) that Nigeria is a good country, has a good team.

“This visit will enhance the power of the Nigeria shooting federation.

“We know that Nigeria have a good team but we need a number of participant to be increased during this period exspecially the relationship with me and the president is a good step forward and for sure, I think this will reflects the relationship with me and him the shooters,” he concluded.


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