NWFL: Falode led Board Fulfils Target Rescue Mission; NWFL Was Almost A Joke Before Now Says Whyte Ogbonda



Chief coach of Confluence Queens Whyte Ogbonda was full of praise and approval in descriping the transformation in the various leagues being handled by the present Nigerian women football League board.
Whyte Ogbonda who is in a pole position of juxtaposing and grading the various boards of the NWFL before now , as result of the number of years he has put into the domestic women league with notable clubs like Rivers Angels, Ibom Angels and now Confluence Queens was expository in his views.

“I will beat my chest to say the present board of the NWFL have worked tremendously, officiating has improved drastically. The board is working tirelessly to make sure domestic women football grows in Nigeria, the board is good.

He went on to explain that before now walk over was the order of the day.

“For the past 2/3 seasons all teams honour their matches unlike before now that most teams take permissions.
The league looked like a joke.

“The new management made these memories to be a thing of the past and most importantly the board is presently firm in making sure that players welfare is the priority of all clubs as these players should not be owed salaries and bonuses”.

Whyte Ogbonda tinkered Confluence Queens to the 2nd position in the overall log table for the first time in the Club’ history in the 2019 NWFL Premiership.


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