Scouting Job Is Difficult Due to Lack Of Exceptional Talent, Says Udia Attai

Udia Attai, a football Scout who works with player management in Oslo, Norway has revealed that exceptional football talent in the country are not readily available like it was some years back.

Attai whose company helped in the discovery of Arron Samuel, Chidera Ejuke as well as Manchester United Striker Odion Jude Ighalo to mentioned but few in a chat with revealed that scouting now takes a lot of hard work as the talent around are very few.

“It is very difficult now to get players because there are death in talent as compared to what it was ten years ago where we had talent across the be country.

“Like some people who were in the football business back then, what they did was to go to Ajegunle where you can pick full eleven they were always fantastic players, if you go to the mock Nations Cup, you can get one to seven quality players then, am not saying there are no good players again, but they are not like it used to be which makes it more difficult now.

“I’m always on the road looking for the next talent, you have to go round and watch over a hundred games before you you can spot a very good talent, on like before where you go watch a game and then spot an exceptional player.”

Also advising young and aspiring football Scout, Udia Attai said “passion and the love for the game must be your major drive if you must remain relevant in the business.

“You need to have passion in any business you want to venture into before thinking about making money in it, if you have passion no matter the frustration you will keep moving.

“Now coming Into the football business you must have passion, the love for the game should come first, secondly you need to know what you are doing by having exceptional talent in your academy, you can’t just assemble average players expecting scouts to come waste their time, nobody has time to waste again, they want to come watch exceptional talent in your academy.


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