Sports Minister Sunday Dare Vows To Keep Supporting Handball, Praise Sam Ocheho Led HFN Board


The Honourable Minister of Youth And Sports Development Mr. Sunday Dare has vowed to keep supporting the development of handball in the country.

The minister who was the guest of the Handball Federation of Nigeria at the Prudent Energy Handball Premier League on Tuesday, said that handball in the last two years have grown beyond expectations in the last two years in the country courtesy of the visionary leadership of the Sam Ocheho led board.

Mr. Sunday Dare, who says he played handball at some point in his younger years, went ahead to praise Mr. Sam Ocheho and his board for executing plans that has helped handball grow.

“The President of the HFN is a top rated person and we have seen him and his board execute so many times in planning not just in the leagues and matches played locally but also when they travel internationally” Minister of Sports Sunday Dare said.

“We have seen handball really grow and the teams playing very strong and the players really improving. All credit must go to Mr. Ocheho of the HFN who is passionate, competent and who has made the necessary sacrifices for the sport to grow”.

“We know in our part as a ministry that we are not able to provide the entire fundings they need but we have seen him work round the clock, spending his personal resources and also secured Prudent Energy And Services Limited to be part of it and Prudent has kept up with them all these while and they are satisfied”.

He then went ahead to say that the ministry will continue to ensure that  the game gets the same status as football and other sport.

The President of the HFN Mr. Samuel Ocheho, who thanked the Minister for all of his support expressed gladness that Mr. Dare is interested in handball and has shown his support all through the planning of the Prudent Energy Handball Premier League 2020.


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