AmaproBet9ja 2023: “We Are Gunning For The Top” Says Dohz Sports Chairman


…Hails Bet9ja, Amapro

Chairman of Dohz Sports Academy Akinyemi Ayobami says he wants to compete at the top with elite clubs in Nigeria and Africa showing casing the talent he has in his team.

Akinyemi Ayobami, based in Germany was impressed with his team performance on Sunday at the AmaproBet9ja playoffs in Ilorin where they qualified after winning all three matches without conceding a single goal.

“We are delighted because our performance is not strange we have the best talent on parade and I’m delighted with how dedicated the boys are they had clean sheet like everybody can see the talent is there to showcase what they have”, He said their final victory over Elite FC.

He further stated that the aim now is to get a platform where they can showcase their talent and also applauded Amapro for the opportunity while also aming at a bigger opportunity to compete with elite club’s.

” What we are gunning for is that platform to showcase to the whole wide world what we have and we’re greatful for this opportunity because Amapro is one of those platform that can actually give us the opportunity to showcase out talent so yeah we are greatful to Bet9ja, we are greatful to Amapro as an organization and we are looking forward to other platform”.

“Dohz Sports came into existence a year ago and to the Glory of God we are standing the test of time what we are gunning for is to break barriers and when you are talking about breaking barriers that means you are talking about getting to the the top spot and that is what we want to do like I said we have the best talent to showcase not just in Nigeria alone but within our constituency, that is West Africa and the world at large”, He further stated.

The young football entrepreneur also expressed confidence of winning this year’s AmaproBet9ja championship adding that they’re not scared of whoever they come up against.

“We have the young talent and in football if you are young enough then you are good enough we are not bothered about who we are competing with but I know we will be coming to win”. He concluded.


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