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Baseball and Softball Revival in Kwara State A Commendable Effort – Hameed Adio


Hameed Adio, a former athlete and sports broadcaster, has commended the efforts to revive baseball and softball in Kwara State.

Speaking at the Monimak Baseball and Softball Junior Clubs Championship, Adio praised the enthusiasm of the players and the potential he sees in them.

“Let me first say that it is highly commendable to see the game of Baseball and Softball being revived in Kwara State. The State used to be a mecca of Baseball but suddenly things just went down and the effort to revive it now is highly commendable,” Adio said.

Adio, who competed in the men’s 100 meters at the 1980 Summer Olympics, expressed his delight at seeing the players showcase their talents. “I could see that the players are so enthusiastic, they are happy. You could see them exuding happiness and joy being given the opportunity to showcase their talents,” he said.

He also praised the facility at the Adewole Baseball Park, saying it is the best in Africa and needs to be maintained. “I’ve been told by expatriates that they are marvelled at the facility we have here, which is the best in Africa, but just needs to be maintained,” Adio said.

Adio appealed to the Sports Authority to take a look at baseball and softball, noting that the state has the potential to be very good at national competitions. “I think there is a need for us to revive it because we have the potential to be very good beaters when it comes to National competition,” he said.

He commended the organizer of the championship, Monisola Yemisi Makanjuola, for her efforts in reviving the sport. “I want to really commend the organiser, I want them to still be encouraged by the activities we see here, by the enthusiasm of these boys and girls, to make sure they showcase their talents,” Adio said.

Adio concluded by praising the impact of the championship on the youth. “It’s a very good effort taking our kids off the street for anti-social behaviour to have them converge in a place like this is a right step in the right direction and I really want to commend her.

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