Beach Volleyball: Olympics Ticket Is In Our Hands SaysImoudu


The head coach of Nigeria Beach Volleyball team, Francis Imoudu said the Olympic ticket for Tokyo 2020 Olympics is in the hands of the players and coaches.

The second phase of the Tokyo Olympics beach volleyball qualifiers will take place in Abuja from 4th to 8th March, 2020.

Imoudu said the level of preparedness by the team is in top gear adding that some of the best volleyball players are in closed camp.

He assured Nigerians that the women’s team will not disappoint judging by their current ranking as number three in Africa.

Imoudu said, “The ticket for Tokyo 2020 Beach Volleyball Olympics is in our hands; Nigeria is hosting the second phase of the qualifiers and this should give us edge over other countries. We will be banking on the support of the home crowd when the qualifiers begin on the 5th of March”.

“The team has been in camp since last month and the level of preparedness is high. Some of the players who partook at the first phase in Ghana know what is at stake. I want assure Nigerians that the women’s team will not disappoint judging by our ranking and the kind of players we are parading”.

The experienced coach revealed that the countries participating pose lesser threat to Nigeria.

“No disrespect to the countries attend the qualifiers but they pose little threat to us because we are determined to be in Japan later this year”, he said.

According to the Confederation of Africa Volleyball (CAVB), the participating countries; Zambia, Kenya and Congo will arrive Nigeria on the 4th of March for the qualifiers taking place at Jabi Lake, Abuja.

Meanwhile, Cape Verde has withdrawn and Togo is expected to replace them. The top 2 teams at the qualifiers will book ticket to the finals as 7 other countries are hosting the second round of the 2020 CAVB continental Tokyo Olympics qualifiers.


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