JAC Motors Race Needs Sustainability, Says Olopade


.Biwott, Other Kenyan To Begin Preparation For Remo Race

The winner of the maiden edition of the JAC Motors Abeokuta 10km Race, Biwott Kemboi of Kenya believes energy coupled with good weather temperature help Kenyans to succeed at Marathon races organized around the World.

In an interview with owosports.com on Saturday in Abeokuta, the 21-year-old who won the JAC Motors 10km Race with a time of 28 minutes, 76 seconds, has Remo Race in sight, believes better preparation in cold weather with different sloppy road and exercises back at in Kenya will spur them to be back in Nigeria for the next race in the land of Remo.

The next edition of race in Ogun State will be at Remo in December.

Meanwhile, organiser of the JAC Motors 10km Race, Hon. Bukola Olopade has craved for consistency and sustainability to make the marathon race a bigger one.

He also alluded to the fact that the people of Ogun State love sports, all they need is a leader to drive sports to the next level so that they enjoy the concept.

He promised a whopping 10,000 athletes and10,000 medals in the next edition of JAC Motors 10km race to the people of Ogun State.


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