Coach Ndubuisi Egbo Goes Spiritual, Describe Historical Feat As Divine


Nigerians have continue to excel across the globe as coach Ndubuisi Egbo yet again write his name and that of Nigeria on the world map, as he emerges as the first Nigerian and African coach to win a major league title with a European Club as manager.

Coach Udubusi Egbo guided FC Tiaran to emerged champions of the 2019/2020 Albania league season becoming the first foreign manager to win the league for the Albania side who now have 25 league titles in their cabinet.

In a chat with journalist on Nigeria foremost WhatsApp platform, NSM Rebranded, coach Ndubuisi Egbo however attributed this historical feat to mysterious workings of God Almighty.

“All other things are history now for the many games that we have played it on record here am the first foreign coach to win the league with FC Tirana, every coach that have won the League are local coaches no foreign coach have been able to win the legue with the team, it is the twenty five trophy that the team has won it is the biggest club in the country”, he stated.

“It not an easy task we have won 20 games out of 23, losing two and drew one with two games left to play, but we won the league already because we have seven point ahead of the team in second posotion so mathematically we are league champions.

“Like i always say am a stunt believer of almighty God and in the direction of God i always wait on him pray to him, He leads i follow. Hopefully i know if you put your trust in him he will lead you to greener pasture to a better place, i hope he continue to do more in my life.

“One of my objective of coaching this team is that i want to use this job to make more people especially Albanian believe that there is a God in heaven beacuse in the world of today many are going after material thing, money and all kind of things, believe in God has gone down. So i want God to use me to show that there is a God that exist.He concluded by saying, “This is what he has actually done that many people in Albania have come to believe because so many games that we have won nobody can explain how we have won it even though we try our best and give our maximum like we always say.”

With this feat FC Tiaran have qualified for the UEFA Champions league qualifying round and will be hoping to make it to the group stage of European elites club championship.


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