C&S Donates 100m To Handball Academy Ahead Of 2023 Partille Cup Says Ojomu


Cherubim and Seraphim (C&S) Global Church Movements donated the sum of 100 million naira to C&S First Pishon Academy ahead of the 2023 Partille Cup in Sweden.

The Chief Executive Officer, Pishon Sports Academy and Sports Equipment manufacturing, Jide Ojomu made the revelation to newsman after a novelty handball match held in honour of outgoing Commissioner For Police in Kwara State, AIG Paul Odama in Ilorin on Thursday.

The ex handball player said there are plans by C&S to build a sports complex worth 15 billion naira in Galilee land.

He said, “After winning the 2022 National U12 and U15 Handball Championship in Sokoto for Kwara State which qualified them for the Sweden tournament, the teams were in danger of missing out in the big handball event until C&S and private individuals came to their rescue.

“The total amount being put together given the amount we gave to them is about N125 million. But they have coughed out between N70 million and N80 million; all from the C&S Church Movement and individuals from within the church.

“On top of that, we have been given land same size as the Kwara State sports complex at Orile Igbon on C&S Galilee land, to build a sports complex. The budget for the project which we have presented is about 15 Billion naira”.

“We have been working with a group of people that are on ground. We have come to this training camp for about five weeks now, with the grace of the national handball coach in Ilorin here. I can tell you these children will beat anybody. I have been out there. So I know what I am saying”, he explained.

“The money is not the motivation for us. We won the championship to represent Nigeria even before the church knew what we were doing. We were calling our selves C&S sports Academy. We won the trophy and presented it to them. They were shocked,” he said.

Ojomu is however chagrined at what appears to him to be a lack of enthusiasm on the part of state government in seeing the great potentials represented in the handball teams.

“I want to state at this point that Kwara State is missing out, big time. Nigeria is missing out, big time. That is why we call ourselves First Pishon. I am looking for five children, boy or girl, in athletics. Let them be close to world record we will take them to the world.

“I live in a city in Texas where Carl Lewis is the director sports of a university. If I walk up to him and say, hey Carl, I have a guy or I have a girl who is just some seconds behind some world record, I can promise you that a private jet will land here to pick the kids up,” Ojomu said.


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