Diabetes Is Not A Chronic Disease, Curable If Protocols Are Adhered To – Dr Isaac Ayodele


Public health expert and herbal Doctor, Isaac Ayodele has played down fears In the minds of several Nigerians who have always thought Diabetes Is a death sentence.

Dr Ayodele categorically stressed that Diabetes is a curable disease borne out of bad habits and lifestyle, he added that treatments must be directed at lowering the resistance against natural insulin usage.

In a message released by him, he said “Permit me to say with great humility and respect that it is not true that diabetes has no cure, it is also not true that the disease of diabetes Is high blood sugar”.

The Public health expert said he was diabetic and was told he had to live with it for the rest of his life until he discovered its cure in a therapy.

The doctor confirmed that he has garnered enough experience through his natural slimming therapy known as Ayodele Slimmers, the first natural slimmer in Africa which deals with the business of weight loss, obesity and potbelly management.

The company has according to him been in existence for 24 years.


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