Edeh, Naija Ratels FC Boss Wants More Investments In Women’s Football


The President of Nigeria Women Football League side, Naija Ratels FC, Barrister Paul Edeh, has underscored the necessity in bringing the needed investments to women’s football.

With series of arguments and vigorous advocacy about equal pay in both male and female football, the equal pay crusaders believe that, women who play football should not be valued as lesser just because of their gender.

Barrister Edeh a commercial and
property lawyer and a sports promoter is of the opinion that, a commensurate investments would perpetually give women’s football a face lift.

While responding to journalists on a top Sports Platform, Family United By Football FUBF, he noted thus; “Yes I support equal pay for both gender in football but I do not think this is the right time to advocate for equal pay.

“The reward system, payments and other remuneration is a product of what people had given and if you compare the two categories you find out that the investment in male category is much.

“I think we need to be realistic and see how far the male folks have come in the game of football, the female football started a couple of years back and are not at par with male football.

“For now, I advocate that the parity should not be too wide but saying that males are treated better, l don’t think that’s a case. When FIFA is giving bonuses, the female folks is far less than the male folks because where you really find people investing in is the male category of this game.


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