“Efforts Are Geared Towards Ensuring That We Clinch Promotion To NNL”, – SGFC President


SGFC Athletics President Richard Opanuga says the management is working toward ensuring that the club moves to the next level of Nigeria league football.

The proprietor speaking at length with the club’s media officer said the club has a winning mentality that has been incubated in the team adding that with the pattern of play the club is definitely going be at its best when the NLO season commerces.

“SGFC Athletics Sports Club has a winning tradition that had been incubated in all technical crew”, He affirmed.

He continued, “It’s without a doubt that our pattern of play from onset dictate a lead in all our pre and post encounter

As we prepare for the season 2023 ahead, we know the ability of our coaches and we move together in tandem to ensure we sail and break barrier of Impossibilities”.

He however hailed the commitment of the players adding that they’ve been impressive and have been meet up with the targeted expectations but so far but urge them not to relent as there are more task ahead.

He urged the players to be a good ambassador of their community there by using football to carve an inch towards fulfilling the purpose of their dreams.

“The boys are doing well and meeting up targeted expectation”.

“All our players are formidable and we have embedded in them a culture that enhance simulation of target driven efforts”.

“In Kwara State currently, the Club is a household name as we have come to show our presence through our tenacity”.

“Every stakeholders wants the best for their investment. We are not only teaching football”.

I expect to see a good leaders of tomorrow in all heights they can attain. Be a good ambassador to their community and use football that they crave as an entry key with purpose to fulfill their dreams”. He said.

He further stated that all hands are on deck twords ensuring that the team plays In the NNL next season.

“My sentiments is Winning and stay at the fore front of the league table showing strong relevance ad the case may be.

The management is thriving to assist functionally deliver a program that will ensure SGFC Athletics boys garner top gear to gain promotion ticket to the next level of the football tier in Nigeria.

I and my crew are prepared and all efforts are geared toward ensuring that we clinche the ticket to gain promotion to NNL this season”, He concluded.


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