Egyptian Football Association (EFA) Unveils New Match Ball For EPL


The Egyptian Football Association has unveiled a new match ball designed specifically for the Egyptian Premier League.

According to Mr Amr El-Ganayni who is the president of the Egyptian Football Association, the new ball will be the only licensed ball for Egypt Premier League matches.

“five-year committee in charge of managing the Egyptian Football Association, headed by Mr. Amr El-Ganayni, announced the unified ball for competitions.” Statement from the Egyptian Football Association official website.

Amr El-Ganayeni, head of the quinquennial committee, said that since its inception, the committee has been working for the benefit of Egyptian football and raising the level of the football product in Egypt without looking at anything else.

Al-Janaini stressed that the entire committee was and is racing against time in order to accomplish everything possible to raise the ball in Egypt, just as it succeeded in applying video technology, and now the unified ball, which was previously done in the super game in Abu Dhabi.

Captain Mohamed Fadl, a member of the quinquennial committee, said that he and his colleague on the committee, Dr. Ahmed Abdullah, had agreed with the Puma company, and it was reached that the company will provide 1000 balls this season, and 3 thousand balls the new season.
He added that the company will provide 220 clothes for the referees, and the Football Association will have a percentage of the sales of the ball bearing the union logo.

The Egyptian premier League is set to resume on 7 August 2020 after been suspended due to coronavirus pandemic disease.


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