Elected Kaduna State Governor Sani Uba Kicks Off NBSL Phase 2, promises To support Beach Soccer


The second phase of the 2023 Nigeria Beach Soccer League (NBSL) got underway on Saturday, May 27, in Kaduna State with the incoming Governor in attendance at Murtala Muhammed Square.

He promised to support the game in the state starting with the state Beach soccer team in a bid to make it the best in the country.

The former senator acknowledged the important of sports for growth, development, and employment.

“Kaduna State is the capital of Northern Nigeria and we are proud to see that we have a lot of young talented Beach soccer players. I have not doubt in my mind that we will continue to be the best in Nigeria.

“As the Governor elect by the grace of God, I will continue to support this very important initiative. Sports is a very important aspect of our life and it’s something that will give our youths the opportunity to also explore and have something to do for themselves.

“Everyone has his own God given talents. What we need to do is to encourage and support them. They can also be an inspiration to other youths who will see what they are doing and will try to emulate that. We would do our best to support them and I can assure you that we would continue to partner with you as our team in Kaduna State.”


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