Emmanuel Oyelakin Laments Exclusion Of African Gamers From EA Global Series


The President Esports Nigeria, Emmanuel Oyelakin has expressed his frustration over the exclusion of African gamers from the EA FIFA Global Series.

Emmanuel who was recently appointed board member of the world esports consortium made the disclosure via his LinkedIn account.

“An African gamer plays FUT Champion and reaches the top 100 on FIFA20 but he can’t take part in the Electronic Arts (EA) FIFA 20 Global Series because African Gamers aren’t eligible”

He further disclosed if the esports governing body is scared of Africa citing the enormous resources invested in the game.

“Is there a blanket ban on Africans or what, Or is someone afraid of African gamers, African gamers have done a lot in their little way for some of these publishers, spending their hard-earned cash and also time but get not as much as a recognition let alone opportunities to take part in global events, same with other publishers”.

Dexxjunior from Senegal won the recent Europe Africa FIFA 20 mashup against opposition from around the world while playing from his native Senegal with all the attendant, peculiar challenges.

The African continent has over 50 countries yet only 2 are eligible to take part in the series.

Olaleye Idowu


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