FIFA Begins 2026 World Preparation, Lunch Official Logo In Los Angeles


The World Soccer governing football body ( FIFA) has on Thursday commerces preparation for the 2026 World Cup which will be co-hosted by three countries.

Korea and Japan 2002 was the first and last time the World Cup was co-hosted but the upcoming competition in 2026 will have 3 host countries which include Canada, Mexico, and the United States.

The competition will also witness an increase in the number of participating countries from 32 to 48 with Africa having 9+1 representatives.

The football body launched the official brand in Los Angeles USA in the presence of football legends and some invited special guests.

It was launched with an inscription” #WeAre26 ” and they also commenced the official countdown.

Argentina are the current champions after a 3-2 win over France in the final in Qatar in December 2022.


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