Finidi George: The Right Choice for Super Eagles?



The Nigerian Football Federation (NFF) recently announced Finidi George as the new head coach of the Super Eagles, sparking a mix of reactions among fans and pundits. While some have welcomed the appointment, others have raised concerns about George’s experience and ability to lead the team to success. In this article, we’ll delve deeper into the arguments for and against Finidi George’s appointment and assess whether he’s the right choice for the job.

Experience and Familiarity

Finidi George has an impressive playing career, featuring for top clubs like Ajax, Real Betis, and the Nigerian national team. He understands the game and has been part of successful teams, including the Super Eagles squad that won the 1994 Africa Cup of Nations. His experience as a player could be beneficial in connecting with the team and understanding the players’ needs.

Moreover, George has assisted Jose Peseiro, the current head coach of the Super Eagles, and has also won the NPFL title with Enyimba, demonstrating his coaching abilities.

Homegrown Talent

Finidi George is a Nigerian football legend, and his appointment could inspire young players and bring a sense of national pride to the team. He understands the Nigerian football culture and could help develop local talent, which has been a priority for the NFF.

Lack of Coaching Experience

However, Finidi George’s coaching experience is limited, and some argue he lacks the necessary expertise to lead a team like the Super Eagles. While he has coached smaller clubs, he has not yet achieved significant success as a coach, leaving questions about his ability to deliver results at the highest level.

Nepotism and Unproven Track Record

Some critics believe George’s appointment was influenced by his connections within the NFF, rather than his coaching abilities. This perception of nepotism could undermine his authority and create divisions within the team.

Furthermore, Finidi George has not yet achieved significant success as a coach, leaving questions about his ability to deliver results. While he has potential, his lack of experience and unproven track record make it difficult to assess his chances of success.


While Finidi George’s appointment has its pros and cons, it’s essential to give him a chance to prove himself. The Super Eagles need a coach who understands the team’s dynamics and can inspire the players to perform at their best. If George can bring his playing experience and passion to the role, he might just surprise his critics.

However, only time and results will tell if he’s the right choice for the job. The NFF must provide him with the necessary support and resources to succeed, and fans must unite behind their team and support Finidi George as he embarks on this new challenge. With patience and dedication, George could prove himself as a capable coach and lead the Super Eagles to success.


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