Football Club Like Association: We Are Our Brothers Keeper In Excel All Stars – President Akeem Aremu


In this interview with our correspondent Yemi Sodeeq, Akeem Aremu, the President of Excel All Stars, Ilorin, Kwara State, described the football outfit as a one with mixture of developmental agenda under one structure. ‘collectivism’ in theory and practical, the structure exist to effect the popular cliche, ‘be your brothers keeper’.

He reveavled that the ideals and values of the club are based on using football as a unifying factor to solve individual and colletive problems.

Who are we talking to?

My name is Akeem Aremu, the President of Excel All stars.

What is Excel All Stars about ?

Excel All Stars is a club of entrepreneurs. It was created as a forum for professionals interested in football in and around the state to meet, train, socialise and discuss matters affecting our interest and welfare. Its also a viable platform for networking among club members.

How was the Club conceived or let me say founded and when?.

It was founded in 2013 by like minds and i had the opportunity of being among the pioneer members with the aim of coming together on Saturdays in every month to do exercise and play the round leather game. We also aimed to be known as non-denominational, non-sectarian and non political group.

How could one be a member of Excell All Star Club?

Firstly you need to be a responsible, married, disciplined man and also should be ready to be subjected to the screening of the Board of trustees.

So the Club has a Board of trustees, Can you tell us about that and what do they do?

The BOT is a board comprises of not more than 7 members at the minimum of age of 40 years saddled with the responsibilities of screening and approving new members. They are also principally advisory in nature.

It looks like a Democracy ideal.
Do they also have check and balance power over the Executives ?

The Executive is the apex but they have a strong bond and robust relationship with the Board of trustees with its advisory nature. They can as well do check and balance and as may be decided by the Executive.

It appears that the Club has professionals and technocrat as her members. Can you shed more light on that?

Yes, we are blessed with professionals across board, we have Business tycoons, Medical doctors, Engineers, Legal practitioners, Bankers and Civil servants as members.

By extension, how well is the club known, is it affiliated to Kwara State Football Association or perhaps may be it is an organization registered with Corporate Affairs Commission(CAC) ?

Excel All Stars is a club registered under kwara state Ministry of Sport and also with the CAC.

It can be discovered that ‘collectivism’ is one of the agenda of the Club. Can you explain that to us sir. Does it mean you are using football to solve collective and individual problems?

The unity of members is one thing that kept us moving, we are always our brothers keeper. We rally round ourselves for celebrations and also in time of needs, recently we had a contribution by some members to provide palliatives in this period of Covid-19, and also have a proposed cooperative scheme that can help in solving some financial difficulties of some members.

Excel is a club of professionals which has made life easier for members in our daily transaction and activities because of the presence of our members in most institutions.

How is the club being sustained, talking about the finance?

All members has a responsibility of paying a monthly dues and we also reach out to sponsors during some of our yearly activities

What are those activities?

Visiting of orphanage home and correctional centre. Mid year football tournament, Excel league, end of the year competition and also Excel family party.

Expectedly, the Club does have Technical and Training Development department. How is it set up and how do they operate ?

Our technical committee is made up of 5-7 members with vast experience in coaching and football management, they organize and coordinate all training, matches and competition.

How is the leadership of the club being chosen and is it term-bound?

The leadership of the club is chosen by election or having a consensus candidate to lead the club in a duration of 2 years.


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