Gombe United Coach Aliyu Zubairu Extol IMC


… Wants Gombe State Government To Be More Committed To Gombe United

Top football stakeholders in the country have continued to shower praise on the Interim Management Committee (IMC) led by Honorable Gbenga Elebeleye for a successful organization of the just concluded Nigeria Premier League (NPL) season.

Head coach of Gombe United Aliyu Zubairu is not left out as he has as well extolled the proficient of the league body for a good job done and has expressed his excitement over the quality of football witnessed in the just concluded season.

Speaking to journalists on Sunday at the final of the super xix championship Playoff the gaffer was full of praise for the teams for the high standard of quality football displayed.

“I’ve not watched any of the Super six games since they started. I started watching today and from the two matches that I’ve watched, I must say that the standard is very good so far.” He said.

On the organization of the league, He said, “I think the praise should go to the IMC, they’ve done a very good job. considering the way they went with the abridged league there where no too much problems at match venues the officiating was good and the teams too they did well I think the kudos should go to the IMC, they conduct it well, it was a good organization.”

The Kwara State born tactician further advised that measures be put in place to ensure that the fans are brought back to the stadia for further development of our league.

“I think what is important is to bring back the spectators to the league, like before this season now in every match you go, you can see spectators like this it improves the standard of the game. Like for example now in Gombe we don’t have problems with spectators, they honor matches in numbers. If we can have that in all venues and the matches on the television live, it is supposed to improve the standard of the game and play all of them.”

When asked about the abridged league format, He advised that the league returns to its regular format adding that the abridged league shouldn’t be encouraged.

“No no no, it should not continue. There is nowhere in the world where they play abridge and it’s not circumstances, at least it’s circumstances that Lead to our own, ordinarily you don’t play abridged and call it a league. A league must be a roundrobry situation where each team must play each other but the latter form is not a league. No, we don’t want it, this should be the end of an abridged league.”

Coach Aliyu Zubair called on the Gombe State Government for more commitment towards the state team ahead of next season.

“We haven’t even started. The only thing is the commitment of our government should be higher than what it is now, If they are more committed to the team we would go places.” He concluded.


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