Good News As Ojaja II Football Academy Promises Better Future For Talents


The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Ojaja ll Football Academy, Akinola Martins, has informed that the academy when launched will see talented kids realise their big dream in education and professional football.

Through the initiative of His Imperial Majesty Oba Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi, to help kids develop a lifelong love for education and the game, not only creating talented players who can dazzles on the world scene but helping to nurture positive citizens who can do things with creative minds. These are the aims of establishing Ojaja II Football Academy.

While responding to questions posed by journalists on the foremost juicy Soccer Platform, Family United By Football (FUBF), Martins exposed the way the academy would function.

“l can assure you that the academy is not audio academy, this is something from His lmperial Majesty, you are all aware that His Majesty is a talk and do king.

“We are not just targeting putting these players in an academy here, where they play football and at the end of the day they have to go and face life, we want them to take football as a profession at the same time impart knowledge in them through formal education.

“We are looking at opportunity around the world to take these kids out there, if they were being selected at the world stage (Gothia Cup) in Sweden, then we have to come to the table and discuss with teams over there the importance of education of these kids,” he told FUBF.

Akinola, who’s the General Coordinator Ojaja Principal Cup further reiterated that talented kids scouted from the annual prestigious ‘Ojaja Cup’ would form the academy students which would be given chances of showcasing their talents to the world through football and education.

Recall that the World and Africa Football Summit have recognized the tourney ‘Ojaja Cup’ aimed at developing talented kids for the future.

“The Football Academy is working in partnership with international football clubs where they can have subsidiary through Ojaja Football Academy, we would be their face in Nigeria and supply inputs into their clubs, due to the Covid 19 ravaging the world, our plans are on hold but immediately after the pandemic, the ball will be set rolling,” he concluded.


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