Hajj Gafar Debunks Bribery Allegation Leveled Against Imoh Ezekiel’s 2014 Brazil Pre-World Cup Squad Inclusion


… Says Nigerian football needs an effective scouting department devoid of any kind of interest.

Following the recent trend of Bribery allegations on coaches of the National Teams with the latest development coming from former Super Eagles forward Chinedu Obasi Ogbuke.

Chairman of Lagos based club 36Lion football club, Hajj Liameed Gafar has reacted to the allegations from some sets of footballers who allegedly claim they were asked to pay a certain amount of money before making the team.

In a conversation on NSM Rebranded WhatsApp platform with Journalists, the club owner however advised that all stories should be discounted, citing that final list going to the World Cup will continue to generate False Stories.

“I greet you all with the love of football and the grace of God. Been following the trend of this discuss since yesterday and I implore us to please allow the sleeping dog lie. Final lists going to tournaments will always raise questions, players not making the final cut in most cases has nothing to do with bribing.

He also went against total silence and advice individuals affected to always speak up should be any case of bribery, citing silence as a betrayal to the game.

“The bane of this challenge is our silence before every of these tournaments let us all start speaking out before the damages are done. Our silences too is like betrayal to the most beautiful game on earth.

He further revealed that no one asked Imoh Ezekiel for money before making the Squad.

“Not a single person ask Imoh Ezekiel for money at any point in time in any of the national teams. I was bent on him playing for Belgium then because he was considered ahead of Origi but the General Secretary of NFF then called me and I have no choice than to be patriotic. I’ll never stop being a patriotic Nigerian.

“Most of us go through crazy things to get our players play for the national teams, too toxic! It all needs to stop, I’ve been advising secretly and now I’m saying it here publicly Nigeria football needs an effective scouting department devoid of any kind of interest.

“I think it wrong for our coaches to be burdened with the job of scouting.

“We at the semi professional level are the custodian of the incubator, all we need is equal opportunity. If none these young men talking about bribery could not come up with names, please let us let the sleeping dog lie”, he concluded.


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