Ilechukwu Blast Report Of Him Quitting Heartland


Coach Fidelis Ilechukwu has blasted a report of him quitting Heartland FC of Owerri as Fake News.

The report published Thursday on and titled, Ilechukwu may quit Heartland over crisis rocking the club, the Working One says: “This for me is another cook up story and one I see as Fake News.

“There’s no iota of truth in it as am hundred percent committed to the Heartland project with a mission to lead the Naze Millionaires to achieving it goals at the end of the season.

“Secondly, since I joined Heartland from MFM FC of Lagos, this is never a time I had any discussions with either my close associate or confidante that I want to quit, neither made comments on the Board and Management.”

Just read what the source disclosed to we speak the coach (Ilechukwu) is not happy with the situation of things in the club… If those fighting for the soul of Heartland fail to resolve their differences, the coach may throw in the towel because they mess up his record.

“I’m not to teach a journalists his or her job as its not my profession but they must always get their facts right.

“I hold the sports media in so much high esteem but when this kind of story comes up, it becomes a plot to distract me and my team.

“I’ll say little about it as I have grown thick skin to such news over the years, as I have read the good, bad and ugly ones.

“The unnamed source didn’t see it necessary to tell the positive-That the Governor HIS Excellency Sir Emeka Ihedioha during my unvieling pledged his total support for the club and that I have a management that has supported the team, taken players welfare as top priority but a negative news that I want to quit a job that I have passion for.”


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