Keshi Was Our Second Gardner And Rohr Should Follow His Vestiges


By Olaoluwa Aro

The Scriptures tell us that the Son of God (1st Adam) began His Sufferings in a Garden and brought them to a close in a Garden. That is an absolutely amazing display of God’s wisdom.

After all, Jesus is the second “Adam” undoing what Adam did and doing what Adam failed to do (Rom. 5:12-21; 1 Cor. 15:47-49).

For clarity, Keshi was our Jesus Christ, who fought for the Emancipation of home grown players. This was not done by those who tutored the Super Eagles team (in the past) as most of them were scared of taking risks. Thus, the issue of inferiority complex became a malaise our home based players had to live with, before Keshi’s installation as coach.

To me, Late Keshi, was the second Heavenly Gardener, who gave himself to the cultivation of the souls of his people through his Atoning Sacrifice and Continual intercession. Yet, he was crucified and embarrassed, despite the unprecedented achievements during his reigns against all evil snares, specifically from the people that appointed him, sorry I digress a little bit.

Why Rohr should follow Keshi’s footprints?

For NFF to renew the contract of Rohr despite his failings, it means he is the Heavenly Bridegroom, entering into His sufferings in a Garden (Nigeria) for the redemption of his brides (home based players) and the Church (Our league).

Rohr should stop discrimination because some of the players he’s relying on were product(s) of Late Keshi’s pedagogy & other indigenous coaches – in terms of coaching.

Oghenekaro Etebo
Ahmed Musa
Shehu Abdullahi
Simon Moses
Wilfred Ndidi
Kelechi Iheanacho
Osimhen & Samuel
Balogun and Troost et Al
We are being unfair to Nigerian coaches, NFF and football stakeholders at large.

Was our league the best in Africa when Keshi made huge sacrifices for discovering home based players and even took biggest risk(s) by parading virgins at the Nations Cup?

If we continue to ridicule our home based players, it shows we are not sure of Rohr’s Technical Savvy.

How many home based players has he given level playing field with those Half baked foreign players? Life is a matter choice and chance. I wanted NFF to sack him (Rohr) after his very irresponsible and reckless approach against Argentina at World Cup in Russia. But then, it was NFF’s choice to gift him another chance. Should we now crucify NFF for that?

The only achievement Rohr has is finishing 3rd at the Nations cup, with all his Sophisticated foreign players not forgetting his insipid pattern of play.

This was the record, Keshi had as an auxiliary coach to late Amodu at Mali 2002. But our previous outing at the Nations Cup, South Africa 2013, Keshi won it with 13 to 14 debutants and some are saying Rohr should not gift home based opportunity to excel? If I were Rohr, I would have studied the method of success in Super Eagles during Keshi’s reign…

Rohr, a coach that keeps failing everytime in his failures to make decisive and accurate substitutions, specifically at both World Cup and Nations Cup; is opening his mouth to say, our local players are not good enough. That’s bunkum!


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