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Kwara State Baseball and Softball Association Chairman, Abdullahi Ibrahim Lauds Monimak Global Foundation


The Chairman of the Kwara State Baseball and Softball Association, Mr. Abdullahi Ibrahim, has expressed his delight with the organisers of the Monimak Baseball and Softball Junior Clubs Championship held at the Adewole Baseball Park in Ilorin, Kwara State.

Mr. Ibrahim, who is also the CEO of Young Abdul Express, spoke with journalists and praised the talented young baseball and softball players showcasing their skills. He noted:

“I’m very elated seeing the young boys displaying their talents and skills, it pays seeing them here than being under a bridge to smoke.”

The politician and transporter attributed his support for the tournament to the efforts of Governor Abdulrasaq Abdulrahman towards sports development in the state. He commended the organizer for hosting a successful tournament, impressed by her financial support and dedication.

“The organizer impressed me a lot because she was the acting president, representing her Excellency who’s the president, so with the support among us, gives everyone a good impression.”

“Financially she is supported, so with the passion the Governor has for sports, give her more courage to organize the tournament.”

He revealed that nearly 20 players from Kwara State have made it to the national teams, with some playing abroad and others excelling in states like Ekiti, Plateau, and Asaba.

“Close to 20 players had made it, for playing of baseball and softball as few of them are now in abroad and others are doing well in states like Ekiti, Plateau and Asaba and across Nigeria and they are from Kwara.”

Mr. Ibrahim appealed to parents and guardians to encourage their children to participate in sports, highlighting its potential to transform lives and lift families out of poverty.

“I want to appeal to the parents to allow their children to do sports, which has helped and taken many people out of poverty.”

Finally, he thanked the Governor for his unwavering support for baseball and softball, praying for divine guidance and protection for him and his excellency.

“I thanked the Governor for the unwavering support given to the game of baseball and softball, prayed that Almighty Allah will uphold him and her excellency.

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