Kwara Wins United Battles In Ilorin


It was yet another reason for many to believe that Kwara United has come to stay in the NPFL.

The 2-0 win against Katsina United today has established the fact of pulling and pushing so hard to justify their sudden entry into the league.

Cool, pacy and mobile United squad outclassed the visitors even with many definitive goal pursuit were consequently not receiving the best end.

Isha Saidu puts the home team in front in the 13th minutes connecting the area cross from Joshua Agboola who was a great force in the frontline of the harmony boys.

Afolabi Abdulwaheed would later complement the home side clinical efforts in the 53rd Minutes with his sublime left kick placing to the last edge of the goal post.

Speaking after the match, Coach Biffo acknowledged the game as a nice one while adding that it is most important for them to keep and protect all their home games and geared up for at least something impressive away from home.

While asked about the consistency of the side, majorly at home, former Katsina gaffer explained the secret behind the improvement as the youthfulness of his boys who actually leverage of thier exuberance and enthusiasm to square up in any contest.

“The secret is that we have a young team who can’t easily get fatigued because they still play on Wednesday, that’s what we get as a result of having a young team.

Coach Makinwa of Katsina United noted that his side had tackled against a best side while adding that some of his boys didn’t travels down with the team.

“Yes we didn’t bring all our first eleven because some of the players who have been complaining can also play and at the same time it’s a long journey which is a bit difficult for us to travel with the whole team”.

Returning back to Kwara where he last handled ABS FC, he congratulated Kwara United for a deserved victory as he credited them for their excellent display.

Yemi Sodeeq.


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