Meet Cooler Lane Who Build Is Music Around Sports


By Gbenga Adeleye

Meet Oladipupo aka Cooler Lane who’s music is well known among top footballers and Nigerian football administrators who has graced the game.

Oladipupo Sanusi a.k.a Cooler Lane is an Entertainer, a musician, song writer, singer and performer born in April 19, 1990.

Cooler was once an ambassador of Lagos State Football Association and was also a former ambassador of the Nigeria National League which is the second tier of Nigeria football.

Over the years, Cooler Lane has performed at 2 Nigeria FA Cup finals and has also performed at 7 Lagos State FA Cup Finals. His love for football music is phenomenal as he has created songs for football super stars and legends like Obafemi Akinwunmi Martins which he recorded in Italian language to honor the Nigeria Super Eagles legend.

He has also created football songs for the likes of Sheyi Emmanuel Adebayor, Samuel Chukwueze, Yakubu Aiyegbeni and many more.

Cooler Lane also recorded a song titled “Welcome to Qatar” which he created to honor the Sheikh and People of Qatar as Qatar had most colorful FIFA World Cup the world has ever witnessed.

Cooler Lane would have been a super star footballer but music got the best of him but instead of being a per talker, he decided to be a per taker developing the game of Football with his music.

Akon is one of Cooler Lane role model. God bless Nigeria and God bless Cooler Lane. went personal with Cooler Lane and this is what he had to say…..

Q. Which State are you from?

Ans. Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria

Q. Your love for music, when did it all start?

Ans. My love for music started few years ago, but I wanted to become a professional footballer then instead I noticed I am a better singer to a footballer. I noticed I don’t get criticized when I sing but I do get a lot of criticism when I’m on the pitch.

So I decided to put football aside for sometime to follow music and the deal was when I become famous with music, I will follow my football dreams using the fame I must have acquired with my music but little did I know becoming a music Star was so demanding.

Q. Who inspired you into doing music?

Ans. A lot of musicians did. First was Mr. Tunde Baiyewu of the Light House Family, African China, his style of music really inspired me a lot, Angelique Kidjo, Dbanj and Akon. But because I am not a product of a church choir like many Nigerian celebrities today, I learnt how to sing listening purposefully to the above great musicians whom help shaped my music.

Q. If not for music, what would you have been were you not a music artist?

Ans. Yeah, like I said earlier if not for music I would have given my all to football. But this is why I started creating football music to add my value to the beautiful game if not as a footballer, definitely a musician.

Q. Which of the biggest sporting event have you performed as a music artist?

Ans. Wow, that has to be the Nigeria FA Cup Finals twice in Lagos, 2012 and 2018.

Q. You do music for footballers, can your tell us how many players you have recorded a song for?

Ans. Sure. I have recorded songs for a few legends and one super star. The first song I recorded for a footballer was for Ahmed Musa and I titled it “Musa Gbe Body” the second one was dedicated to Yakubu Aiyegbeni titled “Yakubu” The third one was for Obafemi Akinwunmi Martins, this one is very special to me because I recorded it in Italian language and I titled it “Potente Oba” meaning “Powerful Obafemi Martins” then I recorded another in our Nigerian dialect more of kind of Gbedu and I titled it “Potente Oba ii”

The fourth one I titled “Adebayor” and it is dedicated to Seyi Emmanuel Adebayor. The fifth one is titled “EZE” dedicated to our current Super Eagles super Star of AC Millan, Samuel Chukwueze.

And the most recent one is titled “CR7 Arabian Tea ft. the legendary Pherowshuz a.k.a Phero. It is dedicated to One of The greatest footballer of all time in person of Cristiano Ronaldo. I created the song to thank the legend for bringing more beauty to the game of football and I also decided to make it in an Arabic genre of music to honor the Great people of Al Nassr and Saudi Arabia as a Nation. The “titled “CR7 Arabian Tea” is out for all football lovers around the world to listen as we appreciate a legend and icon together.

Q. What is your biggest motivation?

Ans. Cooler Lane life after death.

What message do you have for your fans?

Ans. Pray and work smart not work hard.

Q. Thank you for your time

Ans. Welcome sir.


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