Monimak Baseball and Softball Junior Clubs Championship Set to Discover New Talent



In a bid to unearth fresh talent and revitalize the sports, the inaugural Monimak Baseball and Softball Junior Championship is slated for June 14th-16th, 2024, at the Adewole Baseball Park in Ilorin, Kwara State.

According to Monisola Yemisi Makanjuola, Acting President of the Nigeria Baseball and Softball Association, “This championship is designed to encourage and hunt for talent from the grassroots level, to drive our young ones to play this game and bring baseball and softball back to where it is supposed to be.”

Makanjuola emphasized the importance of developing the sport in the state, stating, “Baseball and softball have been in existence for a long time since the 90s. It began in Ilorin with Kwara State producing the first baseball team to represent the country in the National Championships, and since then, Ilorin has been the hub of baseball and softball.”

With a clear vision for the sport’s future, Makanjuola expressed the association’s ambition to popularize baseball, saying, “We want to try our best and make it the second football in the country because it’s a good game…it’s an American game, but now it’s coming to Africa.”

The championship aims to identify and develop young talent, prepare them for competitive events, and ultimately represent Nigeria in international competitions. Makanjuola revealed, “Our aim is to hunt for talent, get our children prepared for the championship coming up in August. We will have to go round the state to pick the best to represent Nigeria…that’s why we’re catching them young, getting them prepared for the next tournament coming up.”

The event’s significance extends beyond Nigeria, as Makanjuola revealed, “We’re hosting West African countries in August in preparation for the continental championship in December. Two African teams will be selected to represent Africa in the continental championship.”

The Monimak Baseball and Softball Junior Championship marks a significant milestone in the development of baseball and softball in Nigeria, with a focus on grassroots growth and talent discovery. The event promises to be an exciting showcase of young talent, paving the way for a brighter future for baseball and softball in the country.


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