Non-League Day debuts in Nigeria


The first ever celebration of Non-League Day, in Nigeria, will be observed on Thursday, October 17.

It’s the first of its kind and a day set aside to celebrate semi-professional, amateur and grassroots football, Founder, Non-League Day Nigeria, Ojeikere Aikhoje said.

“The initiative is to raise awareness about football at non-professional level. It originated from the United Kingdom, where it has reached the 10th edition.

“There is a large community of non-league teams across Nigeria to be celebrated for their contribution to the development of football in Nigeria. Don’t forget it’s the bedrock of football in Nigeria and we have to strengthen it,” he stated.

Aikhoje revealed that “Non-League Day Nigeria will be deployed via Social Media using #NonLeagueDayNigeria, which coincides with match day two of Surulere Regional League PlayOff at the Legacy Pitch of the National Stadium, Surulere, Lagos.”

An award for the Best Non-League Ground in Nigeria has also been instituted to inspire Non-League teams.

Non-League Day Nigeria is planned to be celebrated annually.


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