Ogunnowo Wants NLO Compared To The Best Leagues In The World


The Chief Operating Officer Of the Nationwide League One (NLO), Mr Sola Ogunnowo, has reiterated his desire to see the Nigeria’s third tier league compared to one of the best leagues in the world soon.

The astute football administrator was responding to questions on one of Nigeria’s Sports Whatsapp Group, Family United By Football (FUBF) on Friday evening.

The third tier of Nigerian Football League is considered as one of the fastest growing and innovating leagues in Africa and Ogunnowo whose thoughts has brought about massive change in the NLO told FUBF about his dream for the league.

“We have the potential to become one of the best in the world, to be one of the most atmospheric, socially-aware and fan friendly leagues in the world. We plan to get more sponsors soon and get things done the way it should.

“Getting compared to one of the best means a lot of hard work and we are clearly on the path. Making the league one of the best in the world is my drive and hopefully by the time I leave as Chief Operating Officer, we would have achieved alot.

“I want to leave a legacy of a very sound league that is going to have a strong footing,” the former Secretary U23 told FUBF.

“A league that would be financially buoyant, accepted and seen all over the world, in the next two years, things should get better and I will surely be a fulfilled man.”


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