Orah Bayit Foundation Launches “Play And Excel” Sports Program For Girls In Kaduna


Orah Bayit Foundation has unveiled its latest initiative, “Play and Excel: Fostering Success through Sports, a groundbreaking Football Tryout designed specifically for girls in Kaduna. The inaugural event took place at the Government Day Secondary School Narayi.

In its unwavering commitment to empower girls, particularly those residing in IDP camps and low-income households, the Orah Bayit Foundation launched this transformative project to provide these young girls with a platform to engage in structured sports activities, fostering their physical, and mental well-being, and nurturing their athletic talents.

“Our goal is to groom young girls to excel not only in Sports but to achieve greatness in their big dreams”, said Grace Iliya, Founder, Orah Bayit Foundation.

The football tryout attracted girls from diverse age groups who actively participated in drills, designed to enhance their athleticism and mental acuity.

Beyond the sport itself, the girls were encouraged to prioritize education, develop crucial life skills, and explore opportunities for personal growth and empowerment.

The Foundation also organized a session led by experienced professionals to educate the girls about Basic and Menstrual Hygiene.

As a supportive gesture, each of the 27 participating girls received a Menstrual packege and urged to apply the knowledge they gained.

The “Play and Excel” initiative is an ongoing commitment by the Orah Bayit Foundation, focused on nurturing and supporting the girls’ development as a continuous, long-term endeavour, not merely a one-time effort.

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