Pep Guardiola Is Not A Racists, Says Amunike


Former Tanzania Manager to the 2019 African cup of Nations held in Egypt has air his view concerning recent criticism surrounding Spanish Manchester City Manager Pep Guardiola as being Racists following his recent relationship with African players.

Pep Guardiola felledout with Samuel Eto’o during his time at Barcelona and also had some beef with Ivorian football super star Yaya Toure at Manchester City, but Emmanuel Amunike who shared dressing room with Pep Guardiola during his time at Camp Noun sees no racists foul play in that, as he described Guardiola as a professional that takes decisions favourable for his team success.

“I’ve been privilege to have played along with Guardiola and with other great players during our generation, of course the life we live, people will say a lot of thing about you even those that has never met you.

“I have been privilege to share the dressing room with Guardiola and didn’t seen any racists behaviors from Guardiola in terms of his relationship with other players and me, had a very good professional and cordial relationship with him.

“Sometimes you hear people say things about people, for me I don’t believe in all those things, Pep is Just doing his job as a coach you are meant to take decision, when you are a president of a country you are not there to make people happy but to take a decision. Decision that will be good for the nation, as a coach Guardiola is making a decision that will be good for his team, if people say he is racists it is there opinion I respect people’s opinion for me Guardiola is not Racists”. Amunike said.

Amunike joined Barcelona from Sporting CP in 1996 Making 19 Appearance scoring one goal during his Five yeas spell at the Club.


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