QuickMed Seeks Partnership With Nigeria Volleyball Federation


Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of QuickMed, Salefu Odaudu has indicated interest in collaborating with The Nigeria Volleyball Federations (NVBF) in order to empower the youths and create human capacity development through sports.

QuickMed is a trademark of AdaIn Technologies Limited and an emergency response platform that seeks to connect users to emergency responders at that critical point in time.

Odaudu while speaking with journalists in Abuja explained the pros and cons of QuickMed and its motive in partnering with the Nigeria Volleyball Federations (NVBF).

He said, “We are expected to come into the sporting arena through volleyball. They are actually one of our first potential partners within the sports domain and we want to encourage the athletes out there to bear in mind that QuickMed actually have them in mind.

“I want the players to be rest assured that QuickMed got their back. We are watching their home while they are out there representing their family and the Nation at large”.

He said, “At QuickMed, what we do is technologically connect users who are in need of emergency response at critical time using a proximity base that would refer people to that emergency responders within the shortest period of time”.

“In QuickMed we believe in empowering and encouraging youth involvement, human capacity development and we also believe that the sporting arena is that environment where we can harness and encourage the young talent amongst the citizens.

“QuickMed is not just out to deliver service connecting people, we are also interested in human capacity development as well as empowering young people.

“We want to also educate and create awareness that emergency, preparedness is of essences and the sports environment is a place that prepares people mentally physically. QuickMed feels through this arena we could reach to various homes and then reach out to everybody on the news on the subject of emergency and preparedness and awareness.”


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