Racism Is When They Insult You On The Street, Odogwu To Balotelli


Odogwu Tells Balotelli: Racism Is When They Insult You On The Street

Virtus Verona Nigerian-born striker, Raphael Odogwu is unhappy with the way the city is being portrayed after the racism incident involving Mario Balotelli on the weekend.

Hellas Verona have received a partial stadium ban after it was ruled Brescia striker Balotelli was subject to racist chants by home fans.

FIGC ruled on Monday that part of Verona’s curva would be closed for their next game.

But Odogwu insists: “Verona is a splendid city, where people live very well and it is a pity that it is stained by these things. Luckily the howls were made by so few people. If they had started from the whole curva and from other areas of the stadium I would have been very ill.

“This is an episode isolated and limited to a few. They waited for Balotelli to take aim. If (Romelu) Lukaku had been there, I’m sure nothing would have happened. They do it to distract you, it’s a disturbing action but it’s not racism.

“True racism is when you are insulted on the street.”


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