Rangers Int’l Fined for Over Ticketing and Lack of Crowd Control


The Nigeria Premier Football League (NPFL) has imposed significant sanctions on Rangers International FC following a review of the official reports from the Match Day 35 fixture against Enyimba International FC on June 9, 2024.

The NPFL found Rangers Int’l FC in breach of several rules, including over-ticketing, inadequate security, ineffective crowd control, and failure to prevent unauthorized access to restricted areas. Consequently, the club has been fined a total of N5 million (approximately $12,000 USD) and ordered to implement a more effective crowd control mechanism in subsequent home games.

The sanctions include:

– N2 million fine for over-ticketing
– N1 million fine for inadequate security
– N1 million fine for ineffective crowd control
– N1 million fine for failure to prevent unauthorized access to restricted areas

The club has 48 hours to either submit to the summary jurisdiction and sanctions or elect to be dealt with by a disciplinary panel. If they choose to appeal, they risk facing additional sanctions if the appeal is deemed frivolous.

This move by the NPFL aims to ensure a safer and more secure environment for players, officials, and spectators in Nigerian football.


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