Rivers United Captain Nwagua Nyima Nekabari Looks to the Future



Rivers United captain Nwagua Nyima Nekabari has shared his vision for life after football, revealing his ambitious plans and aspirations for the next chapter of his career. When asked about his post-football plans, Nekabari expressed his passion for exploring opportunities in the clothing industry with his recently launched brand, “PLAYLIKENYIMA”.

“I’ve recently launched a clothing brand, ‘PLAYLIKENYIMA’,” he said to www.owosports.com.ng in a recent interview in Ilorin with a proud smile spreading across his face. “It’s something I’m very excited about, and I plan to go into it fully once I hang up my boots.”

“Football has given me so much that I am grateful for, but I know it won’t last forever. That’s why I’m planning for the future. I want to be a success off the pitch, just as I am on it.”


He also advised his colleagues to follow in his footsteps and start planning for life after football. “Start planning now, invest in your future, and pursue your passions. Whether it’s business, education, or something else, make sure you have a plan in place.”


‘PLAYLIKENYIMA’ is already generating buzz on social media, but Nekabari is eager for more. He wants to make a lasting impact, both on and off the pitch. With his entrepreneurial spirit and determination, there’s no doubt he’ll achieve his dreams.


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