SGFC Athletics President, Richard Opanuga, Rallies Behind Team Despite Poor Form






In a show of unwavering support, SGFC Athletics President Richard Opanuga has rallied behind the team despite their recent poor form.


The American football enthusiast has urged the team and coaching staff to stay focused and motivated amidst a challenging period.


“I believe in each and every one of you,” President Opanuga said. “We’ve faced tough times before in our lives and we’ve always come out stronger. Let’s work together to turn things around and get back to our winning ways.”



“Although our pre-season preparations didn’t yield the desired results, and we experienced some player departures last season, we remain committed to our winning tradition. We will employ strategic management and technical expertise to conduct a thorough 1v1 reality check. I’ve seen teams both locally and internationally overcome similar challenges and regain their former strength. We will regroup, reassess, and return to our winning mentality, which has always been the hallmark of our team’s culture and tradition.”

The team has been struggling in recent weeks, with a string of disappointing results that have left fans and supporters concerned. However, Opanuga’s words of encouragement have boosted morale and inspired the team to work even harder.


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