Step-Brother To Attah Igala Congratulates Igala People On The Returning Of Lokoja, The Kogi State Capital With Two Other Territories To Igala Kingdom


The Vice Chairman of Kogi State Athletics Association and step-brother to His Royal Majesty, Attah-Igala, Prince Tom Boniface has congratulated the entire indigenous Igala people in FCT and twenty eight states of Nigeria on the victory of the Attah Igala (Attah of the worldwide Igala), HRM Agabaidu Idakwo Ameh Oboni II, at the Federal High court, Lokoja yesterday June 2, 2020, which returned his territories- Lokoja, Ajaokuta and Koto Karfe to him.

Recall that Lokoja territory was leased to the British people for farming in 1840 in a treaty (agreement) between the Queen of England and Attah Igala, Attah Ameh Ocheje then, and the leasing period to last for ninety nine years at the cost of 700,000 cowries in which only 160,000 cowries was paid, and the balance was not paid till date.

The lease was to terminate after ninety nine years which was in 1940 but the British people refused to keep to the agreement by paying the balance and then the territory returned to the owner, Attah Igala, but they continued to use the area and even made it the capital of Nigeria in which the Lord Lugard house is in Lokoja till date.

Lokoja and Ajokuta were founded by Igala fishermen, hunters, famers, Attah Igala Royal Navy, Agaidoko people, Idoko and Agayiu descendants, while Koto Karfe are descendants of Ohiemi, an Igala prince who left Idah due to throne conflict, and their brothers (other descendants of Ohiemi) are in Panda-Umaisha in Nasarawa state and Abaji which was part of Koto Karfe before been carved into Abuja.

His Royal Majesty could not watch his people and territories taken away from him illegally, and had to pursue the reclaiming of his territories from the government in court after his ascension to the throne of his father as Attah Igala some years ago.

Yesterday been June 2, 2020, Ajaokuta, Lokoja and Koto Karfe were returned to the owner, the Attah Igala, almost after a century that the agreement between the Attah Igala and British people expired. This makes all the territories from Idah till Koto Karfe-Abaji boundary (Idah-Itobe-Ajokuta-Koto Karfe) to be Attah Igala’s territories, Prince Tom celebrates Gaabaidu, the Attah Igala for his efforts in the reunification of the divided Igala Kingdom across the globe..


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