Still On This NBBF Saga


Ajibarede Bello

For the past 30months FIBA is still studying the final draft constitution submitted by the stakeholders from Nigeria. Meanwhile it empowered it surrogates in Nigeria and they have gone for the overkill of anyone suspected of not being in their camp. International and national referees were barred from officiating and some call ups for international duties were stopped.

Technical Commissioners and Statisticians suffered the same fate. Coaches were discarded like used pure water sachets.

Kwese league teams continuously had a sword of Damocles hanging over their head and some got numerous letters threatening to ban them. League teams became persona non grata in National stadiums in Lagos and Abuja. Teams could not use Rowe Park or Teslim Balogun sports-hall all because one power drunk man was empowered by FIBA by one vague comment that they continuously refused to clarify.

Are stakeholders aggrieved against Kida? Ask google! The Kida ill advised policy of exclusion of some stakeholders from anything basketball is the greatest injustice meted on innocent game official and players.

NOC please rise to your responsibility and redeem your image before the federations in Nigeria. FIBA requested you broker peace and for almost 8 months the erstwhile Tunde Popoola refused to do anything or convey a peace meeting. Take over the process today otherwise the courts in Switzerland would render you completely impotent.

FIBA you cannot force a federation of your choice on any country in the world. This can only happen in Nigeria and it is doomed to fail no matter for how long you prop it up. More….


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