Sulaiman Alabi Jojo: The Creative Spark Behind El Kanemi Warriors’ NNL Dominance



Sulaiman Alabi Jojo, a talented midfielder from La Planet Academia, has been instrumental in El Kanemi Warriors’ success this season. His impressive performances have helped the team secure a spot in the NNL Super Eight playoffs, finishing top of their Conference C league standings.

Jojo’s impact was particularly evident in the President Federation Cup, where he provided the assist that led to the only goal in their victory over Shooting Stars, knocking them out of the competition. His vision, skill, and creativity on the field have made him a valuable asset to El Kanemi Warriors.

As a midfielder, Jojo’s ability to control the tempo of the game, create scoring opportunities, and dictate the flow of play has been impressive. His work rate, both on and off the ball, has been outstanding, making him a standout player in the NNL this season.

With his impressive performances, Jojo is surely one to watch in the NNL Super Eight playoffs. His contributions will be crucial as El Kanemi Warriors seek return to the NPFL.


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