The Bribery Saga : The Fault And Blames


By Deacon Akin Bolarinwa

I am not unaware of some allegations flying about, but the truth is naked and nobody can dress it up with lies.

Some allegations are fuelled by some intermediaries trying to take advantage of the ambition of some young talents.

It is also true that some of us are guilty of this taking and receiving but what can you do when almost everybody wants to achieve success through the back door.

The question is, why do people like to blame their problems on other people?

After you directly or indirectly offered to bribe your way to the top simply because someone at the “top or at the bottom” requested to be induced, the moment you didn’t speak up for it makes you liable and guilty for concealing information.

It’s a psychological defense mechanism to protect their ego and reduce stress on themselves to open up when they are not relevant again.

Those blowing unnecessary whistle are often times subconsciously and/or impulsively doing so to sulk up their regrets.

The giver, the taker and those that didn’t do the needful to put such allegations in public domain are all guilty of same offense.

We cannot continue to do same thing all over again and expect different results.

We must stand up for the truth and fight those lies that easily breaks us.


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