ValueJet Kwara Made Us Five Aside Football Tourney Thrill Fans


Football enthusiasts hails ValueJet ‘Kwara Made Us’ 5-Aside Tourney initiative

It was all glits and glamour inside the Indoor Sports Hall of Kwara State Stadium Complex Ilorin as the maiden ‘Kwara Made Us’ Five Aside Football Tournament started with a display of football artistry and some breath taking goals.

Dickalo FA, Beulah, 360 FC, Oscar FC, Corporate Ballers, Makamz, YK Superstar and Kinshood have booked their place in the quarterfinal of the tournament after the first rounds of matches played today.

The Five Aside tournament began with 36 teams on a knockout format. Matches from the preliminaries and the round of sixteen were decided on Tuesday with interesting performances and classic goals.

Kinshood FC began the show with a scintillating performance to dim the stars of Shining Stars with a commanding 4-0 victory. Beulah repeated the same scoreline to show Dynamic FC the exit door.

Full Round One results:

Shinning Stars 0-4 Kinshood
Dynamic FC 0-4 Beulah
360 FC 4-2 Gnosis Stallion
Achievers 4-1 Young Talents
Convenant 0-4 Olunlade FC
Bashamed 0-4 YK Superstars
Al Mubaraq 0 – 4 Barca Kiddies
Oscar FC 4-2 Dohz SA
De Ultimate 2-0 Koller FA
Corporate Ballers 4- 0 Elites Athletics
Waziri FC 0-1 Vision
Dickalo FA 4 -0 Young Antler

Achievers Vision Olunlade, Barca Kiddies, De Ultimate couldn’t make it past the round of sixteen despite their blistering performance in the first round.

Second Round Results:

Kingshood 2-4 Beulah
Achievers 0 -4 360 FC
Vision FC 0 – 2 Dickalo FC
YK Superstar 4-0 Olunlade
Barca Kiddies 0-4 Oscar FC
De Ultimate 1-4 Corporate Ballers

The quarter finals, semifinals and final would be played on Friday, 22nd and Saturday 23rd December 2023.

Quarter Final pairings:

Beulah vs 360 FC
Dickalo vs YK Superstar
Oscar FC vs Corporate Ballers
Makamz vs Kinshood


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