Vandrezzer Goalkeeper Bemoans Abrupt End Of NNL Season


Goalkeeper of Nigeria National League side Vandrezzer Football club Anderson Okekem has expressed his dissatisfaction over the abrupt end of the NNL 2019/2020 season.

The Nigeria National League which went a on sabbatical break in December 2019 and never resumed was last week declared null and void by the League management.

The goalkeeper of the Akwa Ibom based and one of the few privately own football club in the country, Anderson Okekem has expressed how painful it is for the League to end the way it has ended.

“It painful they had to end the NNL season this way, all our ambition everything we work for just gone, all the same we still need to come back and work hard to make sure we get there, he told Footy Tool.

“It has happened we have noting to say or do about it we just need to work hard and prepare for the up coming season.

He however urges his club supporters to be at their best supporting them as they look to come back stronger next season and make them proud.

“I want to urge our fans to be at their best and support us next season we promise to make them proud, I will also do my best to be at the top level.

Vandrezzer Football Club where fourth on the Nigeria National League B2 table with six point before the league went on a break of no return.


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