NNL21: Bendel Insurance Rejects Poor NNL Verdict, Vows Not To Play Any Further


We received the Nigeria National Football (NNL) Disciplinary Committee’s judgement on the case of assault,security breaches and Field encroachment established against Remo Stars with dismay, disbelief and total loss of confidence in the country’s football regulatory body.

We see the judgement as biased and it is nothing but instrument for encouraging violence in Nigeria football,and therefore unacceptable.

The only substance derivable therefrom is the untouchable status invested in Remo Stars by NNL.

Directing Remo Stars to pay N400,000 to Bendel Insurance FC as damages is a big insult on us and the Government of Edo state.

Banishment of Remo Stars with no option from their stadium over the encroachment and assault on our players and officials of Bendel Insurance FC is supposed to be number one punishment and failure of the disciplinary committee to mention that in their list of punishment amounts to suffocation of justice. This is so because no other offenders in similar cases were warned or asked to sign any undertaking in the recent past.

Without any apology, the judgment is unbelievably irresponsible and capable of promoting violence and killing enthusiasm of football followers
Looking at the similar case but lesser offences and injuries involving Holly Arrow in which judgment banished Holly Arrow to Enugu and that of Kano Pillars in which the NPFL team was fined N7.5M,it is easy to arrive at the conclusion that the judgement by the NNL disciplinary committee on Remo Stars v Bendel Insurance FC is bought by Remo Stars
We believe that the panel did not look at the rules book(Act.16:1) particularly before arriving at their conclusion.

Insurance will therefore explore other mechanism for redress by way of appealing to the Nigeria Football Federation (NNF) Appeal Committee.
Finally, we will not play any match until we get justice.


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