Webber Tasks NBBF To Give More Attention To The Domestic League


CEO Webber Engineering Nigeria Limited, a Company that specialises in the production of Basketball equipments, Engineer Opeyemi Babalola, has tasked the Nigeria Basketball Federation to give more attention to the Nigeria Premier Basketball League, so as to make it more viable and perhaps become one of the best in Africa.

The Osun State Basketball Association Boss made this known on Saturday evening while responding to questions on a top Nigeria Whatsapp Sports Group, Family United By Football (FUBF), insisting that more needs to be done to make the domestic league better than ever.

“In recent times, the Nigeria National Men and Women teams have done tremendously well in Africa. They have both won the African Championship and also qualified for the World Cup and now the Olympics,” he told FUBF.

“These are huge achievements, nevertheless, one area we should be concerned about is the development of the domestic league.

“This is one crucial area that needs urgent attention. Its time we have a proper plan on how to make our league one of the best in Africa and perhaps the world. I understand this is difficult, but again, I know it is possible.

“I witnessed the league in Angola and felt we can have this too, Basketball is a huge business in Angola, Senegal and some North African Countries.

“If we can make the game lucrative and attractive, then we can get more sponsors, we won’t further witness the exodus of talented players to the United State and Europe.

“The success recorded so far by the present board of the NBBF is huge at the international level, but we still have to look inwards and develop the league that produces these stars,” Webber concluded.


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