1st Japa Masters Volleyball Tournament to hold August 2024



Japa Master, a rapidly expanding travel agency in Nigeria with a passion for sports and recreation, is proud to announce the inaugural Japa Masters Volleyball Tournament 2024.

Scheduled for August 6th to 10th, 2024, in Lagos, this event aims to unite Nigeria’s top volleyball talents and elevate the sport on a global scale.

In line with our commitment to giving back to society and fulfilling our corporate social responsibility, the tournament serves as a platform to nurture talent and promote the development of volleyball in Nigeria.

Genevieve Obuladike, Manager of Japa Masters Spikers, expressed the tournament’s mission to enhance competitiveness, refine skills, and elevate the standard of play within Lagos and Nigeria.

Emphasizing the scarcity of opportunities for regular competition in Nigeria, Obuladike highlighted the tournament’s role in spotlighting talented players and providing a gateway to international recognition.

In collaboration with Nigerian volleyball authorities, the tournament plans to attract top agents to scout promising talent, offering players a chance to showcase their abilities and potentially secure international opportunities.

With a substantial cash prize of 4 million naira and other accolades up for grabs, the tournament presents a landmark opportunity for participants to leave their mark in the volleyball community.

Registration for the 1st Japa Masters Volleyball Tournament 2024 is now open and closes on June 30th.

Aspiring athletes are encouraged to seize this groundbreaking opportunity and register to be part of a transformative sporting event.


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