Asaba 2022: Kwara Sports Commission Refusal To Disclose Fund For Festival And Implications on Governor Abdulrahman’s Gov’t


Team Kwara will be present at the 21 National Sports Festival holding in Asaba Delta State Capital from November 30 – 10 December 2022.

Team Kwara with a total number of 203 athletes will participate in 22 sports at the Festival which includes; Athletics -Able, Para and deaf, Boxing, Badminton, Cycling, Chess, Canoeing, Cricket, Dart,  Golf, Judo, and Karate, Kickboxing, Swimming, Scrabble  Squash, Taekwondo  Traditional sport, Table tennis – Able , Para and Deaf, Weightlifting – Able, Powerlifting, Wushu Kunfu and Wrestling.

With the sum of two thousand five hundred naira (#2,500) being agreed with the Athletes as their allowance fee through out the festival the Executive Chairman of the Kwara State Sports Commission Coach Bola Mogaji while addressing the press on Monday, 28, November 2022 refused to reveal the amount released by the Governor to prosecute the festival stating that it would remain a secret.

“It will be very difficult for me to to open up on the amount the government released- it’s a secret but at the end of the day, anybody can come back and find out if the funds are properly spent or not” he said while asked on the fund released by the government.

The Executive Chairman must be reminded that he is occupying a public office and the citizens demands to know everything that come in and out of his office.

However, According to International Federation of Account (IFAC) All citizens are also entitled to know how the governments budget and account for their spending because bad financial information means services suffer and public servants can’t be properly held to account.

This writer will like to implore the Executive Chairman of the Kwara Sports Commission, Coach Bola Mogaji to make public the money released by the state Government for proper accountability after the games.

The Chairman should also know that his refusal to reveal the amount is an implication on Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq’s administration in terms of accountability and transparency.


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